Breachers by Anthony Thomas **Excerpt included**

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Published by: Fiery Seas Publishing

Genre: Science Fiction

 Jason Conners is the last person you’d expect to run into a burning building, unless of course there was something inside worth stealing. Call him what you want: criminal, thief, asshole, but hero? Absolutely not. Jason’s questionable behavior and disturbing antics can only be attributed to one secret.

He can change the future, but with great power comes great responsibility? Hell no. His ability makes him the best thief in the city, and nothing is off-limits. Until Jason’s carefree attitude gains the attention of the Rogues, and the government.

The Rogues want him to stop catastrophic events from taking place, and the government has their own agenda. When the hunt begins, Jason is caught in the crosshairs and learns that breaching is not as limitless as he thought.

Can this anti-hero give up a life of easy money and become the savior the Rogues need, or will it cost him everything—even his immortality?

Read on for an excerpt from BREACHERS By Anthony Thomas







BREACHERS by Anthony Thomas

                                             ***Excerpt from Chapter 29***

I’ve been arrested a few times in my life, never for more than a misdemeanor or two, but that’s because they can’t seem to catch me doing worse. It’s an occupational hazard you learn to accept when you spend your nights involved in things some would refer to as criminal activities. I call that shit surviving, but the boys in blue don’t exactly share my opinion. If I sat down and wrote out a list of all the jobs I pulled over the years… well, I doubt I’d ever see sunlight again.

The inkpad, square and mushy, coats my thumb, and I stamp it down on the page. It’s always the same thing with these people. Paperwork, prints, and pictures. Then you sit in a room or urine-scented drunk tank for hours before they tell you anything or let you make the infamous phone call. Wilson wouldn’t answer anyway; he knows the drill, but fuck, I may need some help this time.

I follow a blue line into a hallway, and it leads me to a flashing room. “I’m ready for my glamour shot.”

“Shut up,” demands the officer from behind, and pushes me through the doorway.

I line up on an X at the center and stare at the camera lens. The girl behind it is far too attractive to be working here. Smooth, golden-brown skin, black hair pulled in a bun, and gorgeous emerald eyes. I can’t seem to read the nameplate next to her badge, plus I find it difficult to peel my gaze off her face anyway.

The man standing to the side, on the other hand, fits right in. The hair above his receding hairline slicks backward and tiny ears hang off his pumpkin-shaped face. The uniform’s collar strangles one of his many chins, like the top button could pop any second. His nameplate, a bit thicker than hers, reads Bisner. He hands me a placard and I do my best to hold it near my chest.

“You look familiar.” I raise my brow. “Did you use to work at the club off Ninth?”

She chokes down a lump in her throat and avoids looking me in the eyes. The officer next to her tilts his head, shrugs, and faces forward.

“Hold on, let me think. Athena? No. That’s not right.”

“Shut up, inmate,” Officer Bisner bellows.


She blushes and hides her face behind the computer screen. She lifts her hand in the air and motions for me to stay still. “Three, two, one.”

“Achoo.” I force out a sneeze as the light flashes and spit sprays in the air like window cleaner. “Oh, shit. Can we retake that one? I think my eyes were closed. And can we do a different background? This grey color isn’t working for me. Oh, how about a picnic scene, Cinnamon?”

She rolls her eyes and raises her hand again. “Three, two—”

“Wait, wait. I want you to photograph me like one of your French girls,” I say, extending the placard with a seductive gaze. “Wearing this. And only this.”


                                       About the Author:


Anthony Thomas settled in the city of sin, though part of him will always remain in the small farming town in Northern California. When he’s not hunched over a keyboard, Anthony enjoys spending time with his wife, daughter and two dogs. 

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