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 The Jinx By Ernest Lancaster

Series: Memphis M.O. Book 1

Published by: Fiery Seas Publishing

Publish date: July 24, 2018

Genre: Suspense / Action

“Disaster strikes and innocents die as police sniper Rick Munro is plagued by a first-call jinx. As his career takes off, he must overcome his rookie mistakes, and keep his team members safe.

When Munro returns to TACT as a newly promoted lieutenant, the jinx torments him still. He must contend with team members’ rival agendas around every turn. Munro finds himself in a battle he can’t escape as corruption and death unfold around him.

Who can he trust? Will Munro break the streak or will it destroy everything he believes in?”

Review: (no spoilers) I gave “The Jinx” 5 out of 5 stars

Hang on to your seats, this one is fast paced ! The Jinx is action packed from the get-go. Sergeant Rick Munro’s life is demanding, stressful and dangerous. Dealing with the loss of his partner is just another complication that he can do without in a high demand job. When Munro’s return to TACT kicks off with a bang he is weary that the jinx has followed him through.

Author Ernest Lancaster’s experience in the police service and in TACT rewards us with what feels like a first hand view of the day to day operations of the officers. The banter is sharp and quick, the characters well developed and the action (did I mention there was action?) just keeps coming.

I appreciated the author’s writing style and that made this book especially enjoyable for me. His use of vivid imagery compelled me to find a place alongside Munro’s team. Okay I’ll admit that I felt a bit bad ass ! The Jinx promises to be a thrill ride for readers, especially those interested in the police/action genres. This is book one in the Memphis M.O. Series and I look forward to seeing what the following book/s bring.

Read on for an excerpt of “The Jinx”


EXCERPT: Chapter Three

Munro picked at the grit under his fingernails as he slogged his way to the command post with his rifle case slung over his back. He found the big mobile home, converted into a working precinct, parked a block up from where uniform patrol officers surrounded Wayne’s Grocery.

Caspar conferred with the field lieutenant. One by one, the rest of the team dragged up in their muddy BDUs. Kozart and Catfish hung to the rear of the crowd.

Caspar’s gaze trained to the fresh, blood-caked scar that striped Kozart’s forehead. “What the hell happened to you, Buzz Kill?”

“Ran into a door.”

“Catfish,” Caspar called. “Look at me.”

Catfish rose up from where he hunched behind the group. His eye was puffed like a mushroom.

“What happened to you?”

“Me too.”

“Where did you two find these badass doors?” He frowned. “You going to be able to look through a scope?”

“Yes, sir,” Catfish said. “It’s not my strong eye.”

Caspar turned to Munro. “Rick, see me inside.”

Munro wrestled the rifle case off his back and stepped up into the command post. As they made their way through the hall of desks and telephones, Earl raised up from a legal pad. “Lieutenant, the dispatcher has channel five reserved for us.”

“Thanks,” Caspar said.

Munro and Caspar snaked to the rear of the van, narrowed by benches and tables, and Caspar slid shut the accordion door, closing off the back half. Neither bothered to sit at the conference table that crowded the space. Instead, they stood face-to-face.

“Now, Rick. What the hell happened to Catfish and Buzz Kill? And don’t tell me they ran into a fricking door.”

“Uh, they ran into a corner of a building?”

“Damn it, Rick. We’ve got an armed nut holed up in a grocery store. I don’t have time for any crap. What happened to them?”

“What do you think? They got into a fight.”

“I knew it the second I saw them. Where?”

In the parking lot.”

“What’s wrong with you guys? Why are you always fighting?”

Munro exhaled. “We’re highstrung. We fight like dogs. But when it’s time to go to work, we put it all behind us and pull together as a team. Every one of us knows that’s the only way to survive.”

“You guys even fight when you play basketball, or maul-ball. Look at Earl. We had to lie about his broken wrist.”

Munro shrugged. “It’s better than fistfights.

“All of you need anger-management training.”

“We need jobs where we don’t have to kill people.”



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About the Author:


Ernest Lancaster retired from the Memphis Police Department as a captain after serving as a cop for thirty-three years.

In the early seventies Lancaster spent two years walking a night beat in downtown Memphis, when The Peabody and Beale Street lay boarded up and crumbling and the center city became a dystopian ghost town after dark. He patrolled in ward cars, trooped for three days through a sea of pilgrims to Elvis’s funeral, edited the Memphis Police Association’s newspaper and acted as the association’s vice-president. For twenty-six years he held positions on the TACT Squad.

Lancaster now resides with his wife and Yorkie in the Smoky Mountains, where they love to hike and camp.

Social Media:

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ernest.lancaster.98

Twitter https://twitter.com/ErnestLancast

Website https://ernestlancaster.com/